Cirrus LED Grow Lights, an industry-leader in innovative LED technology, is here to help you realize your full indoor growing potential. Our state-of-the-art LED grow lights offer the industry’s only true full-spectrum lighting options on the market.

 1000W Light


This innovative new addition to the Cirrus line is the highest yielding LED grow light to date; with the ability to produce larger yields than even high wattage DE HPS fixtures. The 1K utilizes full-spectrum driverless COBs paired with high performance heat exchangers. This cutting-edge design allows for greater cooling, light-output, and efficiency.

Reflex Series


The Reflex V Bar Light has a heavy blue spectrum and is optimized for vegetative growth. This light works great as a stand alone light, or paired with other Reflex LED Bar Lights for a more complete spectrum. Applications include Greenhouse, Vertical, Indoor, and Controlled Agriculture.



The T-Series LED Grow Lights (formerly Titans) are regarded as the most technologically advanced led grow lights on the market, boasting a long list of industry firsts and exclusive features. Most notable of these features is Cirrus’s proprietary MCOB array, designed and engineered to maximize power and efficiency to give you complete control of your grow lights.

Clone Stick


The DUO Clone Stick is the only LED light engineered specifically for clones. The four foot light is the perfect form factor for rack mounting or stand alone use. Included cabling and hardware make DUO simple to mount and wire with the ability to daisy chain a set of lights together. Our light spectrum is optimized for plants in the cloning phase to speed maturity.

Bulb Light


The EVO LED Bulb Grow Light is the perfect addition to any indoor garden. It can be used as the primary light source for indoor house plants, clones, seedlings, leafy greens, veggies, flowers, and more. The EVO will fit into any standard light socket.